Mitzvahs or Chesed?

I realized with the help of some friends a couple of very important things about this mitzvah project. First of all, I want to limit my scope of what I consider a mitzvah. I don’t want to use the traditional list of the 613 mitzvot largely because I really meant acts of chesed or what might be called acts of kindness. But honestly does 1000 cheseds sound very good? When I first envisioned this idea I was thinking it would take time to perform so many acts of kindness that’s why I thought that it might take a year to take on a project like this.

Second, using correct Hebrew grammer I really should have called my blog 1000 mitzvot , but I didn’t realize it until after we were already a running blog so I plan to keep it as is. But I do apologize to anyone who is irked by my misuse of the Hebrew language.

Finally, I had a couple of thoughts for other ways you might want to use this idea of mine. Perhaps a class, youth group chapter or Bar/Bat mitzvah child might want to do the same thing and track their 1000 mitzvot as well. It would be wonderful to know if someone decides to do this and I hope you might add to the blog to let me know.


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