Small things

It was a busy weekend filled with activities around a sleepover birthday party for Gabrielle, my 9 year old daughter. Performed at least a couple of small mitzvahs.

7) Invited a family whose daughter is one of Gabrielle’s friends over for a Shabbat dinner. They aren’t Jewish but were happy to participate and share the meal with us.

8) Arranged a ride home for our babysitter who had taken the bus to give Gabrielle a birthday present.

9) Gave our guest pool towels to strangers at the pool and went back to get some additional ones for our family.

Finally, I think this one needs a bit of a discussion.

10) I have begun attending morning services as often as I can to say the mourners prayer for my dad. When I attend I always leave $1 in the tzedakah “charity” can. Today, I was particularly grateful I had gotten a full night sleep and was given an aliyah (honor) to the Torah. I didn’t have any change or even a $1 bill I only had a $20. I decided that rather than leave nothing today I would leave the $20. It felt wonderful and I was even kind of giddy when I was leaving. I have learned that the highest form of charity is one given anonymously and received anonymously and I believe that is incredibly true.


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