No official mitzvahs I think…

Today I did mom things, volunteered for the school field trip to see a wonderful play downtown (pretty sure that isn’t a mitzvah just what we moms do) , dropped off film from the recent birthday party/snow storm, shuttled children to and from school.

I am not writing it each time but since school resumed in January and I am wanting to say the mourners prayers each day, my daughter has been joining me for an afternoon service that takes place at our local Jewish day school. I pick her up from school and we drive there prior to picking up her brother. She is a wonderful sport and although I know this isn’t her favorite activity she seems to be happy and eager to accompany me. For that I am grateful and appreciative.

I know many of you are reading this blog so please share with me under comments what good deeds or mitzvahs you and your family do each week. I would love to include them. We all benefit from knowing about these things.


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