Giving and Receiving mitzvahs this time…

18) Helped a friend who was having a tough day.

19) My family and I helped out at synagogue.

On Friday, I received a mitzvah from a stranger. I had no money in my wallet for $1 item from the a store and a stranger offered to give me the dollar I needed. It was wonderful and I was so surprised and grateful.

20 and 21) Today, when my family was at the JCC for a swim an older man was waiting at the front desk for some help tying his shoes, apparently he was unable to do it. I said I was happy to help him with his shoes and bent down to help out, my daughter helped too. The man was so grateful that he handed me $2 for helping him. I tried to refuse the money and he wouldn’t let me. I told him I would put it into the tzedakah (charity) box. I will plan to do that tomorrow at synagogue.


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