Review of Mitzvahs this week

I had a wonderful talk this week with a friend who will be doing a presentation this week on Tzedakah. She and I talked about my blog. She told me I am being very strict on what I am calling mitzvahs or not and that conceivable I am probably doing more than I am documenting. She may be right. We’ll see as the year goes on if that changes.

We did speak about the awareness that is coming from this project. I am looking for opportunities more than I used to and it does seem like my awareness is allowing for more opportunities to present themselves. Many of these mitzvahs take just a few minutes but the rewards are worth it.
25) Sent a card to a friend out of town having surgery next week.

26) Gave a card to a friend having a tough week at work to let her know I think she’s awesome.

27) Called a colleague who is looking for work and shared 3 people I knew in her field. I had seen one of them over the weekend and she had mentioned that there were potential jobs in her field. I wasn’t sure this counted as a mitzvah but after reviewing the 613 I think it falls under the category of…helping someone become self-sufficient.

28) Bought several blank thank you cards and stamped them for a friend presenting this weekend on doing charity work. I think this is the simplest gift you can give someone. I hope she will use them in her presentation with the participants.
29) Let a driver who had quickly snuck in front of me, go ahead of me graciously and was not upset by it.

As I am doing more mitzvahs, I also feel that I am being given them as well. In the past week, I have received two amazing cards that were heartfelt and made me feel wonderful. I am so grateful to be the recipient of those precious cards.


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