Whatever I put my intention upon increases.

I was re-reading an entry from last week and realized that I had mentioned that it seems like there are more opportunities to do mitzvahs as I begin to look for them.

I have a handout hanging in my office that I received  at a networking presentation I attended last year from a spiritual minister. It is called the 7 Universal Laws to Empower your Life. The first one is whatever you put your attention on increases. I know that people say this often but I am now beginning to see first had how this actually works.

So go look for mitzvahs to do. I promise you will find them as well.


One thought on “Whatever I put my intention upon increases.”

  1. Linda, are you aware of The Secret? It’s a 90 min movie about the laws of attraction. Basically, putting your intentions out there. I also have the CD set, which I listen to as I drive around. Some of the people who were involved with the movie, were on Oprah last Thurs. If you’d like to borrow either, let me know.

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