Maimonides says…

My friend Michelle and I met on Friday,I was excited when she lent me a book by Danny Siegel chairman of Ziv Tzedakah. It is called Gym Shoes and Irises and was written in 1982. It has lots of interesting quotes and ideas that I enjoyed. I am sure I will refer to his work throughout my blog because he has truly inspired me. I wanted to share a commentary included in the book by Maimonides, Spanish scholar from the Middle Ages, because it resonated with my 1000 mitzvahs idea.

Maimonides states that, ” giving a thousand gold coins to one person and none to another does not allow the giver the full opportunity to acquire the quality of generosity – not as full an opportunity to one who gives a thousand gold coins on a thousand different occasions…the repetition of the acts a thousand times secures for that individual the personal characteristic of generosity. (Commentary toMishna, Avot 3:15)

I really understand this quote because while it refers to monetary donations I feel that the 1000 mitzvahs spread out and done over the course of time would have the same effect.


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