Sharing the Mitzvahs of others

A friend called me on Friday afternoon after reading my blog that day. She was excited to tell me that she had actually helped the same man (I presume) that I did by tying his shoes. She also received money and planned to use it for Tzedakah (charity) . How fun to be able to hear about friend’s mitzvahs.

Last week, I received an email from a friend who said I could share her mitzvah story.

“O.K., a quick story about my morning. On my way out of the parking lot from bible study this morning there was a lady who was wondering around, I thought she just forgot where she parked her car. If I didn’t have mitzvah ‘s on my mind I would have just pulled out and been on my way. BUT I thought of you and stopped and asked her if I could help. It turns out she was not looking for her car, but her husband who was supposed to pick her up and he was late. She didn’t have her cell phone to call him (I’m not sure what has happened to pay phones) anyway, I asked if she wanted to use my cell phone. She called her husband who had the time wrong. She was very thankful that I bothered to stop, and I felt GREAT that I was able to help.”


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