Don’t hold a grudge… it’s a mitzvah.

41) Two weeks ago on Friday, I frequented a salon that I have been going to for a couple of years. I had a cold and had called earlier in the day to see if I could reschedule before the following Wednesday but there were no other appointments. So I wasn’t feeling all that well and must have acted annoyed when the owner came out 10 minutes late for my appointment and preceded to help someone else with no explanation to me. I was grumbling to the other client in the waiting room and to the receptionist. When she came over to help me she told me she refused to serve me and frankly I was quite taken a back. I didn’t really understand the situation and was just irritated that I would not get my service before the weekend. In the end, another employee who I have also seen took me instead. I knew that it was a mitzvah to not hold a grudge. But frankly was too irritated to really think what that meant. The first thing that went through my head was well I am just going to tell everyone about this. Fast forward to today. I hadn’t  said anything to anyone except for my husband and kids on the day it happened but wasn’t sure whether I would return to the salon having been treated that way. I decided to call the owner today and see if we could talk about it. Well, I am so glad that I did. It was really a misunderstanding. She had not liked that I had been irritable about her running late and felt that I should have been more patient. I had felt she should have atleast had the courtesy to tell me she would be later. Anyway, we both forgave each other and I will return to her salon. I am so glad I decided to call her and talk about it. It feels much better than being irritated and holding a grudge.


One thought on “Don’t hold a grudge… it’s a mitzvah.”

  1. What a great lesson/reminder. It is so easy not to confront the awkward or difficult. It’s often hard to speak your own negative feelings in a quiet non-threatening way but when we do that very thing we are often rewarded. Our relationships are strengthened, bad feelings are swept away and the bonds between ourselves and others are strengthened. I will try to remember your good example next time I confront a similar situation.

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