Volunteering at the school

Author Eric Kimmel, Solomon and IAuthor Eric Kimmel, Solomon and I

42&43) Last Wednesday, was a truly wonderful day. My daughter’s media specialist – librarian – had arranged to have author  Eric Kimmel as our special author in residence. I brought my son who attends a different school to join the morning session. He loved his special outing to hear Mr. Kimmel. The media specialist had asked me if I would pick up some lunch for our speaker. I was happy to do it.

Eric Kimmel was so interesting that I ended up spending the whole day at school. I had him sign two books we already owned for my son and then realized I hadn’t gotten him to sign anything for my daughter.  I purchased one for her and had him sign it too. When my daughter heard that she was so touched that I had bought her a book just so he could sign it for her. At the end of the day, I remembered that I should get a book for my son’s class/school as well and have Mr. Kimmel sign it. I felt like the whole day I was able to do mitzvahs and it was wonderful.


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