Finished my first 50 mitzvahs…

47) Referred a friend to someone who can help her find a new job.

48) Gave a friend’s daughter a ride home after school since my friend was sick.

49) Donated the money from our bottle return to my daughter’s elementary school. When I mentioned this to my husband he thought the mitzvah should be his since he drank all that was in those bottles, of course I was the one to sort them and bring them to the store. I guess we both get  mitzvah credit for this one. 🙂

50) Sent a get well card to the founder of the company I have been part of for the last 5 years. Although I haven’t met him personally, his vision for our company has been tremendous. It is a company that has taught me to feel empowered in my life. I have learned that personal growth is important and that our thoughts effect our actions. I wanted to let the founder know that during his illness I would send prayers to him and thanked him for his incredible vision.

This brings me to another thought. Last week I received two cards. One from a dear friend who is the mother of three small children and the other from a client of mine. Both cards were heartfelt and special. When you are thinking about someone be sure to take the moment to let them know it. Often we don’t do that and the opportunity passes. I was so grateful to know that both of these women thought of me and was touched that each had sent me a card to let me know it. It’s the easiest mitzvah I know. So send a card or call someone you love and let them know it.


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