Mitzvahs from last week 44, 45 and 46

It has been several days since I had a chance to blog and I was feeling badly about that. I was thinking I haven’t really done that many mitzvahs in the past couple of days. Then I remembered that last week I spent two days volunteering at school. Had lunch with my daughter at school both days. On Friday, I made calls to check in with everyone I knew who wasn’t feeling well to see how they were feeling and let them know I was thinking about them. Then I spent a couple of hours working on soliciting auction items for my kids two schools. After that I cleaned and cooked dinner so we could have a wonderful family meal together on Friday night.

When I last saw the Rebbetzin she told me that anytime you are doing anything for someone else it counts as a mitzvah. So I guess I really was doing some mitzvahs last week even if I didn’t think so. I will count atleast the volunteering at school, calls for the auction and mitzvahs calls as part of my count. That’s 44, 45 and 46.


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