Ones I gave and ones I received

85) Gave a D’var Torah – a brief commentary on that week’s Torah reading – this week at synagogue. This week would have been my father’s 71st birthday and I felt I wanted to do this as a tribute to him, it was both cleansing for me and something I am glad I decided to do.

86) Sunday – Ran a last minute errand for the auction.

87) Sunday, Aaron and I attended our son’s school auction, we donated to the “mitzvah moments” a time when you can donate to the school. We were happy to have a chance to give more than we have in the past during this time.
88) Called a friend to encourage her to do a volunteer job she had told me she wanted to do. I ended up at the place she wanted to volunteer and asked for the phone number to make sure she had it.

89) Helped a friend, took her daughter to school for her.

This weekend, I felt especially grateful to two friends and their families who did mitzvahs to help Aaron and I. The first one helped watch my son so that I was able to participate fully in my synagogue services. Her son and husband took care of him and I was so appreciative of their help.

Second, another friend helped us when we had a medical emergency and needed some coverage with the children. Without hesitation, she volunteered to help out. I am grateful and thankful to have friends that take the time to do mitzvahs for us.


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