Can a mistake be a mitzvah?

91) Update from my Friday, March 13th entry. Last week I had sent a thank you note to for the florescent light recycling project. I received a call Saturday night from the woman who received it. It turns out that she was not the right person and that there was another person in the synagogue with the same name. She loved the thank you note and wanted to call and let me know. I wrote a second thank you note to the rightful person. But I realized even doing a mitzvah for the wrong person can have positive results.

92) Called the Rebbetzin since unfortunately this week we aren’t going to have a visit. 😦

93) Called a friend whose grandmother had died to see how she was doing.


One thought on “Can a mistake be a mitzvah?”

  1. I just wanted to write you a quick little note to tell you how inspirational your blog and mitzvahs have been for me. I met you a few years ago at Valerie Warren’s home and have been on your mailing list since that time. I am so thankful because had I not been on that list I would have missed out on your amazing experiances. While I am not of the Jewish faith I have always been impressed and amazed by the generosity and giving nature that your faith exudes. I love coming to read about your daily mitzvahs. Today I felt obligated to write to you because one of my own atempts at a mitzvahs has been turbulent and what some would deem a mistake, it’s also opened my eyes to so many other things I can do for others. So not only does a mistake often help a different person than you intended, it can help you. I know the intent of a mitzvah isn’t to help yourself, but if it turn provides you with the abilty to serve others perhaps it is still considered a mitzvah?

    Anyway, enough with my rambling! Thank you for posting this daily log. It truly is reaching out to people.

    Erin Meeker

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