Witnessing a Mitzvah…

Today I have mitzvahs that I did, one for my daughter and her friend and finally one I witnessed which moved me to tears.

94) Answered a request from a friend and picked up her children from school and drove them home.

95) Found out it was our principal’s birthday. Gave a belated birthday card and a small gift to her. She is someone I admire and respect so much. I told her that.
96) After school yesterday, my daughter and her friend were at school and we looked through the lost and found to make sure we hadn’t left anything before they donate the clothes. The girls noticed a jacket that belonged to a boy in the class. I suggested they bring it to him while he was in line waiting for the school bus. They loved the idea and were very proud of themselves after they did it. So was I.

97) Gave $1 (tzedakah) to the Rabbi who will be leaving on a trip today to Israel. Prior to a trip, almost 20 years ago, my boyfriend  gave me a few dollars, he told me it was to ensure that I would arrive safely and I could put the money in a charity box when I arrived. I don’t always think to do this when people I know are traveling but I love the idea and today I remembered it.

Finally, at synagogue today I was standing near a women with a young baby. She had recently lost her grandmother and had been coming to synagogue to say the mourners prayer. During the 1st repetition of the prayer, the baby was crying and she needed to pick her up. The Rabbi came over and picked up the baby and gently cooed and held her and told the young baby that her mommy was going to be praying and he was holding her. The baby watched him closely and the mommy was able to say the prayer the 2nd time with more intention. It was so beautiful and just brought tears to my eyes. I have heard that when you do a mitzvah not only do the giver and receiver benefit but any onlookers also do. Today, I would have to agree with that one.


One thought on “Witnessing a Mitzvah…”

  1. Hi Linda – hope you are doing great – I just LOVE reading what you have been up to…I have been interviewing a bit…
    Take care…and I think of you often!! Sue….

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