Happy Birthday Dad and first 100 mitzvahs!

Today I reached my first 100 mitzvahs. I am very happy that this coincided with the date of my dad’s birthday. I felt that he would be thrilled to know that my project is in full swing at this time. Also, I know he would be happy to see how many things I have already learned through the project.

I have had more than one person tell me that I am probably not counting as many things as I really should. At the current rate I am going, it might take me 2 years to complete this project, so I may begin to count additional things that in the past I had not included. For example, whenever I attend synagogue I usually put money in the tzedakah box. I will now start recording that.

I also thought it would be fun to review the first 100 mitzvahs. How many of them took less than 5 minutes? How many of them cost money? How many were just my time? I will need sometime to review the list, but I will be sure to record the results as soon as I can.

Now onto mitzvahs….

98) Attended morning services and left money in the tzedakah box.

99) Donated money in memory of a congregant who died at our synagogue yesterday.

100&101) Picked up an item for auction number 2 that I am now procuring items for. In addition, made several phone calls to follow up with donors.

102) A local hair salon that I had gotten the item from asked to have our school advertise an event for Locks of Love that she is offering for our community. I brought the information to our school for approval. I would love to be part of helping children and adults give to this neat charity.

103) Volunteered at the school for a before spring break event.

104) The final mitzvah for today was really one someone did for me before I could do one for him.

I recieved a gift certificate from a local Jewish store in thanks for my help with the school auction. I had wanted to use the certificate to get a present for our hosts for Passover next week. I had tried to stop by the store the last few days but had missed the open hours. I actually saw the owner walking home today after I picked up the kids. I pulled over and explained the situation. He told me he would be happy to reopen the store if I could drive him home afterwards. So his mitzvah was the prelude to my mitzvah.


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