Review of first 100 mitzvahs

I had wanted to review the mitzvahs to see how many of them actually cost money (a donation or tzedakah) and how many were just my time. I also tried to calculate how many took under 5 minutes of time.

So after reviewing the first 104 mitzvahs, here are the results. Only 24 of them actually involved money, 80 of them were just my time.

One fourth of the 80 (20) of them took 5 minutes or less. I guess my point in this was to show that mitzvahs are mostly just using your time and often they take just a few minutes. So really there it should be possible for everyone to be able to participate in doing more mitzvahs. I also realized that while reviewing the list some of the things I am now counting (writing a condolence card) I hadn’t counted at the beginning of my project. I guess as the project progresses I am evolving too.

If you have other thoughts about quick and easy mitzvahs let me know. Do you think a smile or a hug is a mitzvah? I am still up in the air about this one. I guess because I am a smiley person so this seems too easy.
Okay, now a few mitzahs to report.

105) Helping my children give tzedakah last night.

106) Donations to Goodwill.

107) Hazardous waste to our traveling recycling plant.


2 thoughts on “Review of first 100 mitzvahs”

  1. Hi Linda,

    Congratulations on this project! It was fun to see our family as recipients of one of your mitzvot (#94)!

    You ask for others’ examples, so I wanted to let you know that last weekend we sent a cheque to Mercy Corps in Portland for Darfur relief. This represented ten per cent of the money Anna has received for her Bat Mitzvah. Anna came up with the idea herself, and has never made any comment (at least to me!) saying she regretted her generosity.

    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man. This is the law: all the rest is commentary.” Talmud, Shabbat 31A
    This Jewish take on “The Golden Rule” is often interpreted also as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” — seems like a call for mitzvot to me!


  2. a hug or smile a mitzvah? absolutely! as a recipient of smiles, especially on a sad or gloomy day, it can really warm your heart and soul. i always think of a smile from a stranger as a kiss from an angel and it gives me nice tingles that someone would take the time to use so many muscles in her/his face just for little ol’ me 🙂

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