Past and present mitzvahs

I had a couple of mitzvahs from before spring break that I had forgotten to record.

127) Every Friday night, we help our children give tzedakah (charity). As a summer project this year we decorated some used tea tins with special places they wanted to give their money to including the Oregon Humane Society and a a theatre camp they go to each summer. Each week they choose which tin to put their money in. In all these weeks of the blog, I have never counted this as a mitzvah, but realized that we are really helping out children do this each week and I should count it.  So this week I am.

128) Donated some more toys to Goodwill.

129) Held the elevator for a family so they could get in with us before the doors closed.

New mitzvahs for this week…Signaled a man with his large truck and Uhaul to go infront of me at a stop light. He was so grateful he waved for a half a block to me.

130) Gabrielle brought home little chocolate treats for the entire 3rd grade class at her school. There were some extra so she gave them to the office staff. Everyone loved them.

131) Donated to a man selling Street Roots newspaper in front of the grocery store. Gave him an extra dollar to keep.

132) Drove a friend home from synagogue.

133) Donated $5 for a bag of groceries at the supermarket for a food drive.

I received a mitzvah today. I was leaving synagogue and was planning on walking down an embankment (a quicker way to get down than the stairs a few steps away) a gentleman called to me to stop. He preceded to tell me a story about doing the same thing several years before. He had fallen and badly hurt himself and was hoping I would never try to take that short cut again. I was so grateful and thanked him and he told me he would be happy for me to share his mitzvah for the day. I don’t intend to use that short cut again either. By the way, tonight at dinner when I told my family about this they debated whether his act counted as a mitzvah. I thought it was do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.


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