Mostly Earth Mitzvahs today

I am not sure if donations should keep counting as mitzvahs, but every time I take more things to be donated I feel as though it is a new mitzvah.

141) Today, I donated to an awesome group organization called SCRAP it stands for school and community reuse action project. They take all sorts of items that you might normally throw away and reuse them in some creative ways. My kids love going there to do projects and when I mentioned to the librarian of our school that I had been there we thought maybe next year we could do a GREEN theme at our school. I love that idea and hope we can do that somehow.

142) Also, recycled the plastic bags from my garage organizing project. For several months, I have been listening to a podcast called More Hip than Hippie . They talk about not taking any plastic bags when you purchase something. I had already started to carry in my grocery bags each time. Now I try to carry bags wherever I go. In Portland, people are used to that since we are a pretty green state (I think). It’s pretty easy and I know that all those extra bags just become trash.

143) Donated our bottles to the school district education fund.

144) A friend is participating in the MS Society Walkathon and was looking for donations. I donated in her honor.


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