Today’s mitzvahs

Every time I think that I haven’t really had any good mitzvah stories, something comes up that is memorable. Today, I had a couple I really liked.

148) Attention all dog owners, scoop the poop! Today, my son and I went for a bike ride to the park. A  doggie owner left a little “present” under the swings. I was going to walk to the entrance to the park and get a bag when I saw an owner walking towards us. She had an extra bag. I deposited the little present in the appropriate place so no one would accidentally step in it.

149) When I went to the recycling center today I helped a man whose materials had fallen out of the container he was using. Afterwards, when my son and I were back in the car together I asked him if he was watching out the window. He said, “Yes, I saw you helped the guy with his books on the ground. But Mommy that wasn’t a mitzvah.” I said, “Really why not?” and he said “Because you had to help him.” Exactly!

150)  I received a recent comment on the blog from a friend about  my question of  whether a hug or a smile is a mitzvah. Here is what she said, “Is a hug or a smile a mitzvah? Absolutely! As a recipient of smiles, especially on a sad or gloomy day, it can really warm your heart and soul. I always think of a smile from a stranger as a kiss from an angel…”

While driving down the road today I smiled and waved at an old man in a car. His wife was driving. When they passed me again and I looked over he was smiling so widely his face was completely lit up. I think my friend was right sometimes a smile really is a mitzvah.

151) Received a gift recently for volunteering to coordinate our school fundraiser next year. Donated it today to the school auction.

152) Made a mitzvah call to friend offering my service in case she needed it.


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