A minute of mitzvahs…

189) Today, I realized that sometimes a mitzvah can be as simple as a quick phone call. I called the Rebbetzin today to check in with her and see how she was doing. Our phone calls are hardly ever more than a few minutes, but in that time I can check in and make sure she and the Rabbi are doing okay.  She always checks to see that my family is okay. Often just the few words we share makes me feel happy to have spoken with her. She told me today that on the days she sees me, she and the Rabbi always feel better. I know that mitzvahs go both ways. Everyone benefits from a mitzvah. Hope you have had time to do some mitzvahs today!

190) Called a relative after surgery to make sure she was doing okay.

191) Sent a condolence card to a friend.

192) Sent a congratulations card to a friend.

193) Gave Tzedakah today at synagogue.

194) Volunteered through DSFO.


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