Mitzvahs just passing the 200 mark…

Gave some gifts this week, I think those count as mitzvahs…

197-199) Three teacher appreciation gifts.

200) Gave a book and card to a friend/coworker to thank her for helping me.

201) Gave some items to a friend that I thought she could use.

202) Yesterday, when I was waiting at a store to get something gift wrapped, it was taking a very long time. There was no one there to ring up other people and there was a line forming. I asked the saleswoman if she wanted to help the other customers first before finishing the wrapping. She was grateful and thanked me for being aware of the situation, she said many customers don’t notice something like that. I was grateful she was wrapping the item for me in the first place.
203) Complimented someone on a job well done.

204) Helped someone trying to win a contest.


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