Today’s mitzvahs

209) This morning a friend of mine thought of me to do a mitzvah and I was so glad. She had been chosen to be honored for an upcoming brunch and needed someone to write her biography for her. She said she thought of me since she knew I was working on my mitzvah project. It’s wonderful how people are calling me now to help me reach my goal.

210) A colleague needed a contact for something and I found the appropriate person and passed it onto her.

211) Today when I was at Home Depot , I saw a gal who was looking for the same item I was, I told her I had just purchased that item on a recommendation from Consumer Reports. She thanked me for letting her know.

A mitzvah received…last night I got a very excited call from one of the teachers at school who had received my gift earlier in the week (it had two parts and initially she had only found the first part) she was ecstatic to find the second part and she said she just had to call to tell me. It made my night and I was smiling about it until I went to bed.


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