Doing a mitzvah that makes you uncomfortable…

213) Attended services and gave tzedakah.

214) Volunteered as a personal shopper at Dress For Success.

215) Waved a driver on a cell phone to merge in front of me.

Today I had an ah-ha moment. I was at synagogue when I saw a sign for the upcoming blood drive. I am terribly squeamish about blood and have always been an awful blood donor (ie. when I was pregnant and needed to give blood I always had to lie down so I didn’t pass out.) I know it’s probably in my head but needless to say the idea of volunteering to give blood makes me queasy. Thus my thought, is doing a mitzvah that is truly out of your comfort zone better than one that comes easily to you? Honestly, I don’t believe that one is better than the other but than again perhaps I will continue to stay in my comfort zone and not venture out to do other kinds of mitzvahs. Anyway, I guess I have a week or so to chew on this idea before the blood drive next week.


One thought on “Doing a mitzvah that makes you uncomfortable…”

  1. Linda, Here’s another mitzvah you did: After hearing plans for a new journey, you recommended a name to me to research. Well, I did and she said she’d be very excited to be apart of it! Thank you so much! You’ve shared some very important information for an important vision.
    Much love and peace to you!

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