This weeks Mitzvahs

Friday afternoon, a couple of recaps for the week…

Had a discussion with my daughter about the blood drive mitzvah. She’s nine. She said, “Mommy there are like 1000 other mitzvahs you can do, so you don’t have to do one that makes you uncomfortable.” Phew, I guess I am not going to volunteer for that mitzvah.

216) Received a wonderful comment on the previous post about a mitzvah I didn’t even realize I had done. A friend and previous teacher was telling me about her new business venture, I suggested she called a woman I knew who I thought would be interested in her idea. She did and the woman was very receptive. My friend was very grateful for the referral I had given. I was grateful she took the time to let me know. It made my day.
217) I was just elected the next PTO Vice President for our school. This is going to be a big job. I am very excited for my new volunteer position and today had my first meeting with some of the representatives to begin some of my fundraising duties next year.

218) Visited with the Rabbi and Rebbetzin.

219) Called a friend to check on how she was doing.

220) Helped a stranger at the farm stand.

221) Carried my bags into a retail store instead of using theirs, my daughter and I discussed that I should put a sticker on the bag each time I reuse it to track how many times that is. I am so happy that she is learning to reduce, reuse and recycle. I think that is a mitzvah somehow.


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