Community related mitzvahs

I have had a fun couple of days this week.

225 & 226) Volunteered to drive for a field trip for a children’s symphony concert yesterday in my son’s class and today I volunteered at the school fun run for my daughter. I got to give out the hats and popsicles. Seems I was suddenly a very popular mom.

227) While at school I picked up trash on the play ground and threw it away.

228) Walked a substitute down to her classroom for the secretary who couldn’t leave her desk.

229) Also, attended synagogue this morning and gave money to tzedakah.

230) Finally, in my Jewish community one man decided to donate his healthy kidney to a friend, another man close to my age who was in need of one.  It was an incredible gift and many people in the community are  talking about it. I sent a donation in their honor to Ziv Tzedakah today.

Received a tremendous compliment yesterday from a community member I respect and admire. It was so unexpected and really made my day. Again I have to say, “Act as if what you do matters because it truly does.”


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