Sometimes kids do the most amazing things…

237) Gave my daughter some money to purchase a Street Roots paper at the Farmer’s Market.

238) Brought a meal to someone recovering at home from a recent surgery.

239) Received my photos back from last week when my daughter and her friend had their lemonade stand. I had mentioned that I had a dear childhood friend that I had done the same thing with when I was 9. What I hadn’t mentioned was that my childhood friend died when we were 20 from cancer. I think about her often and decided to send a note and a copy of one of the pictures to her mom to tell her how this event had made me start thinking about her daughter.

240) Today, my 6 year old son did the most amazing thing. We have a neighbor whose wife died this past year. He has never been a particularly friendly neighbor and it was always his wife who was the outgoing and friendly one. My son came into the house after biking and seeing him and said he wanted to draw a picture and give it to him. My son  wrote a note , and drew a picture of himself and the neighbor. The note said, “I know your wife died and you are sad, will you be my friend?” I was so touched by his wanting to befriend our neighbor. So far the neighbor hasn’t answered him, perhaps at some point he will…


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