Back to work effects mitzvahs

I recently returned back to my business after taking a “spiritual sabbatical” after my father died. I had been on sabbatical for several months and it was during this time off that I conceived of the 1000 mitzvahs idea.  I don’t want to admit that my mitzvah count seems to have gotten slower since my resuming work but I am afraid it seems that way.  Perhaps it is just the transition time that I need to get used to. I intend to continue performing mitzvahs and hope to be able to also make time to record them as well.
241) Helped unstack and set out chairs at my son’s class performance today.

242) Waved someone in front of me in a line of traffic.

243) Purchased an item to donate to the Staff Appreciation Luncheon at my daughter’s school.

244) Volunteered for a school activity.

245) Sent a get well card to a client who wasn’t feeling well.

246) Called a friend recovering from surgery to see how he was doing.

247) Got a flower for a friend to thank her for her help.


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