I’ve hit 250!!

248) Attended a school fundraiser tonight at a local restaurant and wrote a thank you note to the manager letting him know how much I appreciated him supporting our school. Next year, as the new PTO VP I will likely be planning the event and have to write a thank you note but this year I was just a participant.

249) Sent a note to a friend to tell her some special things I wanted her to know.

250) My husband wasn’t feeling well tonight and asked if after our trip to the restaurant he could just crawl into bed once we got home. I ended up bringing my daughter’s friend home, bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed. My husband asked if I could make him some hot ginger lemonade a secret family remedy. Anyway, I was tired but knew he really wanted the extra TLC, my daughter helped me with the drink and a hot water bottle and was so proud to bring it to him. After the kids were in bed my husband and I discussed whether I had done a mitzvah for him. We discussed it for a few minutes because honestly aren’t these the things spouses just do for each other? In the end, we decided it falls under the mitzvah category especially if it is done willingly and not  with a grudge (and in this case also as a way to teach our children in the process.)


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