Several simple mitzvahs today…

Today was a great day and I had several opportunities for doing mitzvahs. I intend to have more days like this one.

251) Visited with the Rabbi and Rebbetzin. The Rebbetzin took me up on my offer to drive her somewhere. She asked if I could take her to a medical appointment. We had a chance to discuss last night’s mitzvah for my husband. She said no mitzvah since he is my spouse, that’s what you do when you are married. Anyway, since my hubby thought it was a mitzvah we’ll just leave it there.

252) Yesterday, I received an email from Dress For Success that they needed a donation picked up and brought to the office. Often I read the requests and they don’t work for me, but I was delighted to be able to say yes to this mitzvah today. Picked up a donation for Dress For Success and delivered it to them.

253) Volunteered tonight at Dress For Success during one of their night meetings.

254) Purchased and delivered flowers on behalf of the PTO of our school to someone at our school who is retiring. I hardly knew her, but when I brought the flowers to school, I realized that the saying that if someone sees you doing a good deed it makes them feel happier definitely is true, atleast three moms and two office staff saw me and commented.


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