Mitzvahs giving and receiving

264) Visited with the Rabbi and the Rebbetzin, not sure what the summer will bring but I hope I can still make visits frequently. I love our morning together each week.

265) Brought food to the 3rd grade picnic and volunteered during the picnic at school. I do believe volunteering at school counts as a mitzvah.

266) Found out it was someone’s birthday today and surprised her with flowers. It reminded me of the Visa commercial where they put a price on everything and at the end one of the things is priceless. To see the surprised look on the mom’s face was priceless and I loved being the one to do it.

267) Volunteered through Dress For Success today.

Received a couple of mitzvahs back today. I hearty thank you from the woman at the school who was retiring and got flowers last week (she hadn’t been there when I had left them for her.) Someone I made food for a few weeks back donated to our synagogue in our honor. Lastly, I received a phone call telling me that a conference call I had done yesterday was excellent. I guess it’s true that the more you give the more you receive. Atleast I feel that way today.


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