Mitzvahs giving and receiving

271) Volunteered in the school on the last day.

272) Called to check how a friend was doing.

273) Gave charity at synagogue this morning.

274) This morning, I attended synagogue for the first time in at least a week. There had been an event there yesterday so all of the normal prayer books were out of the chapel. It was really interesting to see how people handled this situation. Several people pointed fingers and wondered who was responsible for this problem, making more of it than just being a bit of a nuisance. Others just grabbed different prayer books used for Shabbat and muddled along finding the appropriate parts where necessary. I was both the recipient of that information from the women to my right and the passer on of that information to the woman on my left.

275) Waved someone in traffic to go before me.

I felt as if I received a mitzvah today. When I was at the supermarket today a check out clerk told me she had thought about me yesterday on Father’s Day. She lost her own father about a year and a half ago. I know that you wouldn’t normal speak about this kind of stuff at the supermarket. But I have been a customer of this store for over 6 years so I guess I do. Anyway, I was really touched and honored that she had even had a passing thought about me and how I would be doing on Father’s Day and that she told me so today.


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