Summertime Mitzvahs

288) Donated to a local puppet theatre to support their work in our community.

289) Organized a committee in my networking group to run our registrations.

290) Brought items to our art/drama camp for the kids to use in the puppetry tent.

291) Picked up a friend’s son from camp on Friday. Received a mitzvah back, she bought me a challah (our special bread for Friday night/Shabbat) it was such a wonderful and nice surprise and it was delicious too!

292) Picked up a friend who needed a ride to an event.

293) Complimented a girl who had performed and done a terrific job. My son told me later that she loved receiving that compliment.

294) Called a co-worker to give her support around a tough experience.

295) Sent a card to a client who was celebrating her daughter’s graduation.


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