Independence Week Mitzvahs

I feel like 300 was a wonderful milestone but still have a long way to go to reach my personal and monetary goal with this project. So here are some more mitzvahs during this Independence Day week.

301) Donated to Loaves and Fishes at grocery store today.

302) Called an acquaintance that I had met many years ago when I came across her card. I wanted to thank her for recommending a book. Ironically, even though she lives in another city the phone number I had still worked. She called me back a couple days later and was thrilled to get my call and find out that I had loved her book recommendation. We discussed the idea of pay it forward. I know that thanking someone even years later is always welcome.

303) Ran into a counselor last week at a garage sale looking for some used books for our summer camp. Packed up a bag of used books from my kids to give to the camp.

304) Donated a raffle item to my networking groups monthly raffle.

I have two mitzvahs this week that have stories and while I am going to count them as mitzvahs I am wondering a bit if they really do count.

305) As the new VP of fundraising at our school, I received over 50 entertainment gift books before school ended as a thank you for our agreeing to do the sale again next year. Before school ended we gave out most of the books to the teachers but I was still left with a box of about 10 books. Today, I brought them to the director of Dress For Success to give to the professional women’s group next week.  I am not sure where this fits in the world of mitzvahs, but it felt like the right thing to do, so I am counting it.

306) Also, the night before last a solicitor came to our door. I cheerfully opened the door and listened to her. I wasn’t prepared to give the initial amount she was looking for but did pledge a smaller amount happily. I understood her organizations mission and was prepared to support it in a smaller way than initially requested. Afterwards, I realized that just being kind and polite and in the end donating when you weren’t planning on it probably counts as a mitzvah. Any thoughts on this one?


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