Mitzvahs this week

307) Gave toiletries I had brought back from our trip in March to give to a friend who collects these items for the homeless in the park organization.

308) Attended an event last week where we were all gifted with chocolates from the speaker. They ran short and I gave mine to my neighbor who was very disappointed not to get any.

309) Complimented our new waitress tonight at dinner. She did a great job.

310) At dinner tonight I thanked the local Italian restaurant for all the meals we have enjoyed there. We have been dining with them for the past 9 years. They were happy to get the feedback as it is harder for local restaurants to compete with larger chains these days.

311) Sent a note to a client apologizing for something I had said last week.

312) At our grocery store, you get a ticket to put into a drawing for free groceries when you bring your own shopping bags. The other day,  my son noticed that someone’s ticket had fallen out of the basket and gave it to me to put back.


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