Hot Summer Mitzvahs

It hit 100 degrees in Portland this week. I am so grateful to have air conditioning in our home. There are always a couple of weeks each summer in Portland when I feel very lucky to have that a/c. I decided I wanted to give back to some others who had been in the heat all day. I loaded up my cooler with cold drinks and took it with me in the car when I went to pick the kids up at camp.
314) On the way I stopped at the gas station and gave the attendant a drink. He was so surprised and just lit up and started talking to me and telling me all about his day.

315) I arrived at camp and carried the cooler through the parking lot to the counselors. They were so thrilled to get a cold drink on such a hot day. Mitzvahs make you feel so good. I have to say the giver is really more fortunate than the receiver many times. My daughter felt that these were two separate mitzvahs since I didn’t know the gas attendant and I knew many of the counselors. Seems like decent enough logic for me…

316) Let someone go in front of me in the traffic. He was in a rush and I wasn’t.

317) Went shopping with the kids for some cooler summer clothes, it had taken a long time to choose and check out and my son was getting tired and impatient. We had a problem at the check out and I worked very hard to be patient and understanding about the delay. When we arrived home I realized an item was missing from our bag. I called the store and they found it at the check out counter, I did mention to the manager that the women who had checked me out had been helpful and I had appreciated that even though my little one was antsy.

318) We have a neighbor who has recently gotten a dog, they share a fence with us in the backyard. My kids were so excited to see the dog and the owner. They chatted with her for a long time and Gabrielle even gave her a huge compliment. She told our neighbor who always bakes us cookies at the holiday time that we she grows up she hopes she is as good a baker. The neighbor was so touched. Also, my son gave her some fresh raspberries from our garden while they were visiting.

Received a present from a new business partner to thank me for the work we have done with her. It was a beautiful handmade bracelet and I am enjoying it tremendously.


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