Farmer’s Market Mitzvahs

Sunday is Farmer’s Market Day and I love going. Fun mitzvahs today to report on. Some received and some given.

328) For several months now, I have been buying  Dave’s Killer Bread. It is unbelievably tasty and today I got to meet the man behind the bread. I love this bread and have been buying it for several months. Today when I met Dave at the farmers market I told him how much I love his bread and his story. He was in jail for 15 years and has since turned his life around and begun making wholesome and wholegrain bread. It’s delicious!

329) Complimented the woman who made my flower arrangement today. They are always so amazing and I told her how much I loved her flowers and her arrangements. I thanked her for her work.
Received a mitzvah too, when my arms were completely loaded with produce someone helped me so I could get my keys out of my bag and get into my car. I was very grateful.

Some mitzvahs from last week not yet recorded…

330) Volunteered at Dress For Success

331) Gave $ to a woman who was asking on the street.

332) Met a woman at the supermarket who was a Home Health Aide. My first job out of college was working in a Home Health Care placement office. The work these men and woman do is important work and not always easy. I thanked her for the work she did. She thanked me for noticing and recognizing her work.

333)  Encouraged a colleague to work on something she was unsure about doing.

334) Gave a condolence card to a friend who just lost her aunt.

335) Called a co-worker that I was thinking about to say thank you for all the little  kindnesses she has done for me since we met.  Some were obvious and some were more subtle but I wanted her to know I was grateful for all of them.


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