A Shared mitzvah with my kids

Today, I shared my blog with a couple of people and I got some wonderful comments about how people can relate to these little actions. Perhaps if we all did just the little deeds we would live in a better world. I know that this mitzvah project doesn’t seem that big when I just think of each little mitzvah but the accumulation of them is kind of cool.

336) Picked up some trash at camp and threw it away when I picked up the kids.

337) Donated items for the camp auction on Wednesday.

338) My kids created tzedakah boxes (charity box) for some of their favorite charities this year. Each Friday night we put money into the box of their choice. They have chosen their summer camp many Fridays since they love the camp so much. It’s a non profit so I think it counts as a charity. Anyway, I told them last year that perhaps they could save the money to give back to the camp at the annual auction. My daughter counted the money today and they have $39 saved. I told her I would match her donation and she was really excited to realize that we will be donating close to $80 this year. Last year I donated $75 but this year I am excited that 1/2 of the money was money the kids saved each week. Plus I know that this year they feel like they have been part of the donation since they remember all the weeks of saving the money.

339) Received a call that a colleague needed some help. Called her to see how I could be of some assistance to her and invited her to join me at an event that might be helpful.


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