New mitzvahs make it 350!

348) Our plum tree is producing prolific amounts of fruit right now. My kids and I brought plums to two neighbors.

349) Called someone looking for a job possibility and let her know what I knew about in her field.

350) Last night, on my walk a couple was driving in my neighborhood and was lost, I gave them directions. I was pleased when I continued my walk and saw the car parked in front of a home (obviously they had found their way!)

A good friend of mine sent me an email to share a recent good deed done by her husband. Here is what she wrote…

Michael witnessed a traffic accident a few
weeks back. He stopped to make sure all okay (they were) and gave his
name to driver who was NOT at fault willing to be called as a witness
to that effect. Insurance company DID call and Michael responded. Few
days later, owner of non-guilty party (whose car was totaled) called
and left Michael the most grateful of messages. It was very heart
warming – we shared story and the message with the kids. Thought you’d
enjoy hearing this one as well.


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