Summer mitzvahs

351) As I have written about before I love supporting kids and their lemonade stands. This week after my adventure at camp (spent the day with my kids at their awesome arts and drama camp) I was hot and very thirsty and their on a city street corner was a girl with an award winning Lemonade stand – that’s what her sign said and you know what when I saw her I made a U turn and went back to get some. It was absolutely delicious and I told her so. Don’t forget to stop at every lemonade stand it means so much to the kids.

352) Called a friend who had recommended a book last week that I had started reading and was really enjoying. I wanted to thank her.

353) Brought a donation for a raffle for my networking group.


One thought on “Summer mitzvahs”

  1. Hi Linda,
    What a great blog, love reading your Mitzvahs. This looks like it could be a great forum for a prayer chain? Can I speak with you about this blog again and let’s talk about Toastmasters.

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