Update on week’s mitzvahs…

Haven’t had a chance to blog recently so I have several mitzvahs to write about.

354) Donated $ to a doggie rescue at the pet store.

355 & 356) Bought books from the Friends of the Library (helped support the library) and plan to donate them to our new lending library atDSFO. Two mitzvahs in one!

357) My son picked up trash at his soccer camp, he was excited to tell me about his mitzvah.

358) Gave a gift to a raffle at our team meeting.

359) Picked up a friend and drove her to our meeting.

360) Called a colleague and thanked him for suggesting that I do something that would help my business. I did it today and he was right!
361) Had an interesting discussion with my daughter yesterday regarding this mitzvah. I had brought my grocery cart back to the store and saw an old acquaintance with a sleeping child in the car and offered to take back her cart. My daughter felt that it wasn’t amitzvah because I was already taking my cart back. What do you think?
362) Made a call to check in and see how someone was doing.

I was also the recipient of a mitzvah today. I parked my car at the local library while I was attending a meeting. The street around the library was being paved and as I was getting out of the car one of the workmen yelled to me that my lights were still on. I don’t have lights that would have turned off so I was very grateful for his letting me know.


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