Does it have to cost money to be a mitzvah?

375) According to my daughter today yes it does. She and my son have befriended several grandchildren who frequently come to their grandparents home across the street from our house. They have enjoyed many playdates this summer and today I invited their older grandson to join us for a trip to the local swimming pool. He was delighted and thanked me so much for a wonderful afternoon at the end. However, according to my daughter since today was 2 for 1 Tuesday and we didn’t end up paying for him to come it didn’t count as a mitzvah. I think the money is irrelevant and it was the thought that counted!

376) Referred a friend to a professional group that I thought she might enjoy when she relocates soon.

377) Called a woman in the community whose mother recently died. The woman was close to one of my friends and she thought I could share some of my insight with her.


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