A “sweet” mitzvah

My kids and I received a special “mitzvah” that I wanted to share. It was officially “junk day” in our house. The day I stop being a mean mom each year and let the kids eat as much junk and candy as they desire. Yes, usually I am a healthy mom and work to teach my kids about good nutrition and making healthy food choices. But not on junk day. Anyway, this morning we started our junk day at a donut shop. I purchased a donut for each of us as well as chocolate milk for the kids. The owner of the store asked my daughter to give him her hand she was reluctant to do it but he placed a donut on her finger and then on my sons and told them they were engaged to his donut shop. Well, my kids were just so excited by that. They talked about it all morning and I certainly thought he was generous to give us free extra donuts.
378) Let a friend know I thought her son had done something special.

379) Helped a friend carry something he needed to his table.

380) Sent two coworkers little gifts to say thank you for work they had done with me.

381) Stopped by a neighbors house to say we loved a new bench that they added to their corner lot and they told us to use it whenever we wanted.

382) Fed a neighbors rabbit for three days while they were on a vacation.


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