Vacation Mitzvahs

383) We took a short trip this past week to attend a Bar Mitzvah in California. It was wonderful to turn our trip into a vacation but I think attending a old friend’s “simcha” or celebration is definitely a mitzvah.

384) Offered to take someone’s tray back for them at a restaurant.

385) When we were ready to leave the pool area and there were some towels on the ground (not ours I picked them up as well to throw them in the laundry.)

386) Complimented a waitress on her excellent service as well as telling her manager.

387) Gave some other hotel guests some pool towels.

388) Picked up a gentleman’s hat from the floor of the restaurant and handed it to him.

389) Complimented a woman on her beautiful outfit.

390) Attended a street fair and complimented the vendor on her jewelry it was gorgeous and special and then decided I wanted to have a piece for myself so I purchased some earrings.

391) Tipped the hotel housekeepers for helping our room stay so clean during our stay. I know many people don’t think to do this. But when I was a teenager I cleaned hotels to earn extra money and when someone tipped it was like the greatest surprise  in the world. It’s well known that  this isn’t a very well paid job  and a thank you with a tip is always appreciated.

392) Returned home and biked with my kids to a neighborhood park today. There was several pieces of litter so I started cleaning some of it up. I turned around and my 6 year old was doing it too without me even saying anything. The old saying that kids see watch what you do not what you say rang true for me today.

393) Sent regards from a guest that I met at the Bar Mitzvah to our Rebbetzin. She was happy to receive them.

394) Donated $ to a local charity affiliated with the San Fransisco Bay on our recent trip there.


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