Trip to the Oregon Humane Society

395) Previously I had written about my daughter and her friend having a lemonade stand this past summer (see May 20, 2007) . Anyway, finally we were able to arrange a time that I could take the girls over to deliver their money. It turned out to be a wonderful day and quite an adventure. In the morning a neighborhood boy stopped by and the kids began to count some additional tzedakah (charity) money we had collected. Altogether we were able to give the OHS over $80. We arranged to meet one of the educational directors at OHS. She gave the kids an hour long behind the scenes tour of the facility as well as a welcome packet of information. They felt very special and were really excited by the visit. I, of course, felt proud and grateful for such a wonderful learning experience for all. Sent a thank you note to the educational person who spent the time with us.

396) Complimented a speaker on her speech.

397) Called the local FoodDay editor to thank her for a great set of articles she ran this summer.


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