Mitzvahs for the week

I have had a couple of cute mitzvahs that I felt deserved writing about. I received one last weekend when I was feeling really under the weather. I was reading in my bed and all of a sudden my daughter brought me a hot water bottle. It was so wonderful and so unexpected. I hadn’t even asked her. My son hopped on the bandwagon too and brought me a cookie and a glass of water. Oh the sweet joys of children taking care of their mommies!

A couple of days later I was with my son in the car and we were returning a video. I was late getting somewhere and when I pulled in the man next to me was getting out to put his own movies in the bin. I asked if he could also stick mine in the bin. My son said that I owed him like $100 for doing that. I said don’t you think it’s just a nice mitzvah that he did that for us. In the end he agreed.

398) School is back in session and that gives lots more opportunities to volunteer there.

399) Sent a friend information she needed for volunteering.

400) Volunteered at school for the back to school packets. My daughter helped too.

401) Helped at the Back to school coffee event.

402) Let several people driving merge in front of me.

403) While checking out the other day, I told the clerk at the grocery store that she did not look old enough to have children or be married. It was the truth. She looked much younger than her age. She practically kissed my feet.

404) Picked up trash in the neighborhood on my morning walk.

405) Helped a donor get the information she needed to help donate to our DSFO inspirational book corner.

406) Offered some information I had to a shopper at Costco looking at the same items I was purchasing.

407) Donated items to a community event for this weekend.

408) Have a big fundraising project beginning this week at school. Had atleast 4 people help me to do things to get ready!

409) Called a friend to let her know about the health of another friend of ours.


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