Mitzvah Project for School

I definitely know that I am not keeping track of as many smaller mitzvahs as I should be. Here’s a couple of new ones for now.
410) I am chairing the Entertainment Book sale at our kid’s school this year. It seems like a pretty big undertaking but I am enjoying all that I am learning from this adventure. My kids are really into it and love being able to help the school through the sale (or maybe it’s just the prizes they want?!) Anyway, they have been really great about helping me out after school and I think especially my daughter is kind of proud that I am running this event. I am spending lots of time volunteering on this job but I guess I will just count it as a Large Mitzvah project.

411) Called a friend whose mother had passed away to check in.

412) Send a condolence card to a friend.

413) Carpooled to an event, I drove.

414) Donated items to a raffle at a meeting.

415) Volunteered to help out at a meeting when someone wasn’t able to be there.


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