Holiday and School Mitzvahs

I am discovering that if I don’t write down the little mitzvahs as I do them then they are completely gone from my mind when I come to write about them. I have tried to be better about this but alas I have not been. Here’s what I have for this week.

416) Called someone looking for information about our synagogue to answer her questions.

417) Donated to Loaves and Fishes at the grocery store.

418) Volunteered at a Back to School night event.

419) Purchased a book to bring to DSFO for our new Inspirational Book corner.

420) Helped at synagogue to pick up the candy wrappers left by the kids during the service.

421) Helped picked up the prayer books after the family service ended.

422) Ran into a non Jewish friend of ours the night of our Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Her husband was traveling and she was alone with the two kids, so we invited her to share our holiday meal with us. It was a wonderful meal and we all enjoyed the holiday company.
423) Invited a neighbor and friend to come home with us after synagogue to play and have lunch with us.
424) This seems like such a little thing but I could tell by the expression on the women’s face it was not such a little thing. At synagogue this past weekend, I ran into a woman whom I had met about a year ago at the park. I remembered her name and the fact that she had a dog as well as some other details about her life. I believe by the look on her face she was very touched that I had remembered so much about her. Perhaps in this busy and chaotic world just knowing that someone actually remembers you, your name and something important in your life can really mean alot to someone else.


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