Happy 9 Month Anniversary for Blog!

I just realized that I began my blog 9 months ago today on January 19th.

Anyway, I wanted to reflect a bit on what this blog and journey has been for me these past months. I remember at the beginning feeling slightly embarrassed about sharing the idea and what I was doing with others. I emailed my closest friends that first week and wasn’t sure if it would sound like I was bragging.

However, as the months have gone by I have realized that this blog has allowed me to really take notice of the world and do good things in it when I can. It has created some wonderful conversations with my family, my friends, clients and even strangers who have happened upon the blog. I have enjoyed so much the chronicle of the year that I have kept from tracking my mitzvahs and the stories that I have already forgotten are captured for me to remember when I re-read them.

Finally, it has given me a way to move through the grief that I initially felt after my father died. It has been almost 10 months since his death and I really think that this blog has helped me tremendously with that loss in my life. People have continued to ask me how I am doing and while I miss my dad, I have this sense that he is still around and with me and I talk about him and share him and think about him alot, which I guess is what any of us would want after we our gone.

So I am no longer embarrassed by sharing my blog. I am proud of it and amazed that this simple idea could have such a big impact on my life this year. I know that in terms of my time line it will likely take more than the year to finish my 1000 mitzvahs , but that’s okay because I have discovered so much in the process. Even if it takes me 2 years, I will continue until I reach that mark.


One thought on “Happy 9 Month Anniversary for Blog!”

  1. Hearing from you and reading your blog is the most inspiring thing I have had happen in months!! Thank you So much for this. I am now taking a good look at my daily life, thinking about how if I lived my life with a Mitzvah goal, how much happier everyone around me would be– and people around me are already quite happy!

    Thank you, Thank you!! Dana

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