Morning mitzvahs

425) Brought in several slightly used helmets to the school Phys Ed teacher who needed them for the unicycle-rs in training. She was ecstatic since I was the only parent who heeded her plea in the school newsletter.

426) Spent the morning at Dress For Success working on our “Inspirational Library”. Currently it is only a bookshelf and the books didn’t look completely inspiring yet, but I know they will soon as this project has just begun.

427) Had a couple of books that I didn’t use in the bookshelf and I gave two of them to a man on the street asking for money. I included some money in each one too.

428) I have the lucky good fortune of being the morning dog walker since our sweet puppy Ginger arrived in August. It has enabled me to see the beautiful sunrises and morning dew many days. Yesterday, both of my kids joined me for my walk and my son decided he wanted to pick up the newspapers at the end of the driveways and walk them to the front doors. At one house a woman was just coming out in her bathrobe and was thrilled to see the “new delivery kids.”:-) She thanked them.

429) In this busy time, I am always happy when I remember to do something someone has asked me to do (especially right after my father died I felt like I was in a complete daze and told people to email me or call me and remind me because I just didn’t seem to be remember things then.) A friend had asked for a phone number of another friend who was sick, I sent her that information as well as an update on how our friend was doing.

I received a mitzvah today for which I was very grateful. The school secretary did a project for me for our fundraiser. She saved me at least an hour by helping me with this one! What a great way to start the day.


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